Pediatric Eye Care

What is pediatric eye care?

Our team of ophthalmologists and optometrists provide kind, compassionate, comprehensive care for developing eyes, from the detection and treatment of eye disorders to eye surgery. We see patients from infancy through age 18.

What major conditions does Thomas Eye Group treat?

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What makes Thomas Eye Group’s pediatric eye care different?

Eye exams for children are extremely important to ensure that children have a normal, healthy vision and to identify any early vision problems that could affect schoolwork and daily life.

We have multiple pediatric locations in the metro Atlanta area. Click here to find a location near you and to schedule your child’s appointment.

Your Child's Visit

Please allow 1.5-2 hours for your child’s complete eye exam. Your child’s eyes may be dilated to give the doctor a better view inside the eyes. Pupils may remain dilated for 8 hours or longer. Learn about Kimberly, Patrick, and Georgia Minor’s experiences with the pediatric ophthalmologists at Thomas Eye by viewing the video here.


Most new patient exams for children are billed to your medical insurance, not vision insurance. Please review your insurance provider’s coverage and benefits prior to your child’s appointment.

Our Team

Learn more about our team of pediatric eye care specialists and our 9 pediatric eye care offices. We look forward to caring for your child’s eyes.

If you think your child needs to be seen by an eye specialist, schedule a consultation today.

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