Children’s Eyeglasses

Children’s Frames

Our frames are cool and resilient, just like your child. We carry a variety of children’s frames known for their durability and design, made of material that resists breaks and scratches, like memory metal, which returns to its shape after twists and turns.

How to motivate your toddler to wear their glasses

  1. Allow your child to choose their frames.
  2. Be sure your child’s glasses are comfortable. Check that the earpiece fits well on your child’s ears and that it does not pinch or squeeze anywhere.
  3. Use positive reinforcement and repetition to help your child feel comfortable and confident wearing glasses.
  4. Keep them busy doing things they love to help distract them from focusing on the new sensation of wearing glasses.
  5. Practice makes progress. Start with 30 minutes and add more time each day. Soon, wearing glasses all day will feel natural.
  6. Seek support from your co-parent, friend, or relative. This can be a frustrating but rewarding time in improving your child’s vision and eye health.

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