Astigmatism is an unequal curve of the front surface of the eye that can cause blurry vision at a distance and at near. This is a very common problem which may change over time, and which frequently improves.

It is not necessary to give glasses for astigmatism unless the vision becomes significantly blurry. It is important that the children are seeing as well as possible, and this is why we give them glasses. Some children may be nearsighted or farsighted in addition to their astigmatism, and this is corrected by glasses as well.

Other children and adults with astigmatism may often choose to have their vision corrected with contact lenses. In the past, many patients with astigmatism were told that they could not wear contact lenses; however, we now have both soft and gas permeable lenses specially designed to correct astigmatism, which is successful in many cases, depending on the amount of astigmatism.

Thomas Eye Group has years of experience providing Atlanta treatment for astigmatism and other pediatric eye care treatments.

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