Contact Lenses

Millions of people around the world wear contact lenses to correct conditions such as
nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Thomas Eye Group’s doctors and contact lens specialists are here to help you find the perfect contacts to fit your lifestyle. If you have questions about your contact lenses, please call 866.888.CONTACTS
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Contact Lenses

Thomas Eye Group offers a variety of contact lens options from top brands including Alcon®, ACUVUE®, Bausch+Lomb®, CooperVision®, and X-Cel®.

We offer the following contact lens designs:

Available options include:

Specialty Contact Lenses

Thomas Eye Group offers a variety of specialty contact lens options, including:

Now offering EyePrintPRO™

Thomas Eye Group now offers EyePrintPRO™, a breakthrough for patients with extreme ocular conditions and/or ocular irregularity. This device captures the exact shape of a patient’s eye, providing a 3D model of the entire ocular surface. EyePrint Prosthetics utilizes patented technology to match the elevation differences of each individual eye with a perfect fitting contact lens.

What makes EyePrintPRO™ different?

EyePrint® Patient Success Story

An eye infection left me with a scar on my cornea and distorted vision, which affected my quality of life as an eye industry executive, pilot, and athlete. I was told that the only way to restore my vision was with a scleral lens that would vault over the scar in my eye. My eye doctor tried to fit me with an off-the-shelf scleral lens, but because of abnormalities in the white part of my eye, the lens was unbearably uncomfortable, and I could not wear it for more than a few minutes.

I finally made an appointment with Buddy Russell at Thomas Eye Group, who was using a new system called EyePrint®. The EyePrint® system creates a completely individualized and customized contact lens that is an exact mirror image of the surface of one’s eye, no matter how irregular the surface of the eye; it is like having a glove custom made for your hand. 

In the first visit, Buddy took an imprint of my eye, and two weeks later, I had a custom-made scleral lens that fit my eye perfectly and gave me my excellent vision. I can comfortably wear the lens all day.

Thanks to Buddy’s skill and the latest technology, I have a great solution to a vision problem that I thought was going to take away important parts of my life. I’m so grateful to Buddy and Thomas Eye Group!

After a long and distinguished career at Emory University, Buddy Russell, FCLSA, COMT, FSLS, NCLEM, LDO, left academia to accept a position at Thomas Eye Group in Atlanta.

For more information on EyePrintPRO™, please schedule an appointment with our specialty contact lens technologist, Buddy Russell, by calling 678-781-7306.

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