4 Reasons Why LASIK Is Better Than Contacts

If you hate glasses, you may love wearing contacts. Most people who need them agree that glasses can be a bit of a pain sometimes. But why invest in getting your eyesight fixed with LASIK when you can wear contacts? Well, contacts can be a bit of a pain, too. The difference between having to […]

How To Care For A Loved One With Cataracts

Something that all people face at some point is developing cataracts. Cataracts are a natural clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens. When the lens becomes clouded, it affects your vision and may make daily life difficult. If you are experiencing vision loss, this is when you need cataract surgery. If you or a loved one […]

6 Things You Need to Know About Cosmetic Fillers

Full cheeks, smooth skin, plump lips: Some people have them naturally, while others get a little help with dermal fillers. These treatments are increasingly popular thanks to their ability to add volume and decrease wrinkles. Results typically last for six months to a year, depending on the location of the injection.   Curious about cosmetic fillers? Our aesthetics […]

Negative and Positive Prescriptions

Have you ever wondered why some eyeglasses or contact lens prescriptions have a plus sign and some have a minus sign? That little plus or minus sign actually tells us a lot about your eyes! First, let’s talk about the minus sign and what that means. The minus sign on the prescription before the power […]

Pediatric Eye Care in Atlanta, Georgia

Eye exams for children are very important to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and clear of vision problems that could interfere with school performance and potentially affect your child’s safety. Early eye exams also are imperative for visual skills essential for optimal learning including but not limited to: Excellent visual acuity at all distances […]

Want to Know More About LASIK?

LASIK Eye Surgery LASIK gives you the freedom to see clearly without the annoyance of glasses and contacts. This short surgery and quick recovery time could leave you with crystal clear eyesight for the rest of your life! Don’t let contacts and glasses hold you back from the freedom to live your life without worry. Keep […]

Treatment For Dry Eyes

The Leading Cause of Dry Eyes: Meibomian Gland Disease (MGD) The eyelids are lined with meibomian glands that release important lubricants to the eye. Without these oils, the eyes become more vulnerable to the adverse effects of our daily habits or environments. Dry climates, heating & air conditioning, reading & television, and other lifestyle or […]

Travel Tips For Contact Wearers

From managing dry eyes to taking a dip in the pool with your contacts in, traveling as a contact wearer has its own set of difficulties. We’re here to give you our tips and tricks to making travel as stress-free on your eyes. Use Daily Contacts Using daily contacts takes the hassle out of traveling […]

What is a PRP Facial?

Thomas Eye Group offers several aesthetic services to help you look your best through every season of life. If you are noticing age spots or have had acne-prone skin, it’s common for scarring to be left behind. The PRP facial, also known as the “vampire facial,” is one of our newest offerings. PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, Facials […]

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