4 Reasons Why LASIK Is Better Than Contacts

If you hate glasses, you may love wearing contacts. Most people who need them agree that glasses can be a bit of a pain sometimes. But why invest in getting your eyesight fixed with LASIK when you can wear contacts? 

Well, contacts can be a bit of a pain, too. The difference between having to use contact lenses to see and being able to see with nothing at all is pretty big. How big? Let’s look at a few facts about LASIK and contacts.

1. Your Vision Is Better With LASIK

There’s only so much contact lenses can do for you. With contacts, you can only see when you put them in. Did you know that you’re not seeing as well as you could be? Contact lenses are only able to provide so much vision correction. 

With LASIK you can achieve better than 20/20 vision. How? Custom Wavefront LASIK. Your glasses or contact lenses have a prescription that is only so accurate. This is measured in intervals of .25 diopters. When it’s customized, your prescription is measured in increments of .01 diopters. 

Your surgeon then shapes your eye to that unique prescription. This means that you end up with eyesight that is only based on your unique prescription. Because of this, most LASIK patients end up with better than 20/20 vision. Contacts can’t offer that.

2. Discomfort After LASIK Is Only Temporary

One thing people fear with LASIK is having irritated, itchy eyes for a long time after surgery. However, the discomfort after LASIK is only temporary. It’s a few days of some mild discomfort and then a lifetime of perfect vision. But with contacts? 

Anyone who wears contacts knows how uncomfortable they can be! Whether they get too dry or a contact gets torn in your eye, it’s frustrating. That kind of discomfort doesn’t go away even after you get used to wearing contacts. In the long term, having LASIK is far more comfortable.

3. Contact Lenses Cause More Infections

Another fear that many people have with any eye surgery is infection. Infection is indeed a risk as your eyes heal from LASIK surgery, although it is very small. A far greater risk is getting an infection due to your contacts.

Studies show that you’re less likely to have vision loss from an infection from LASIK, compared to wearing contacts. Wearing contacts requires you to put your fingers near your eyes frequently. This can lead to more risk of developing an infection.

4. Contact Lenses May Cost More In the Long Term

One of the main complaints against LASIK is the cost. Although it can seem like a lot to pay upfront, it matches the cost of contacts after a decade. That means that after ten years, having LASIK will have paid for itself. After those ten years, you’ll be saving thousands since you won’t have to buy contacts again! 

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