Travel Tips For Contact Wearers

From managing dry eyes to taking a dip in the pool with your contacts in, traveling as a contact wearer has its own set of difficulties. We’re here to give you our tips and tricks to making travel as stress-free on your eyes.

Use Daily Contacts

Using daily contacts takes the hassle out of traveling with your contacts for a few reasons.

  • Daily contacts are one use only, meaning they don’t need to be cleaned.
  • Daily contacts don’t require that big bottle of contact solution.
  • Napping in daily contacts, for short periods of time, such as long plane rides, won’t be as harsh as monthly or weekly contacts since they can be disposed of after that day.
  • If your trip includes taking a dip in the pool, daily contacts are the preferred choice. Disposing of contacts is the safest way to avoid eye infections.

Flying With Contacts

If daily contacts are not for you, be sure you check with TSA regulations dealing with your contact solution. Eyedrops and contact solution are important to maintaining healthy eyes, you don’t want to have these taken by TSA or forced to buy new solution when you arrive. You want to keep your eyes and lenses from drying out when on the plane to avoid discomfort. You can also make sure you’re drinking enough water to keep hydrated if eyedrops aren’t for you.

Stock up on Extra Pairs

Sometimes lenses break and sometimes they get lost. It’s important to make sure that you have a supply of extra lenses. If you are using dailies, this is easy. Even if you have monthly lenses that are supposed to last the trip, make sure to bring a backup pair or two. Another option is to bring your prescription eyeglasses along with you just to have that extra backup!

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