Dr. Dana J. Wallace’s Approach to Cataract Surgery

Dr. Dana Wallace

Dana J. Wallace, MD

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist & Cataract Specialist

In the field of ophthalmology, few specialists possess the breadth of expertise and dedication that Dana J. Wallace, MD, brings to the table. She is a board-certified ophthalmologist focusing on glaucoma management and cataract surgery. Dr. Wallace has dedicated her career to enhancing the lives of her patients. 

Let us delve into what sets her apart and why her approach to cataract surgery is making waves in the medical field. Dr. Wallace, with a stellar academic background that includes a Doctor of Medicine degree from Duke University School of Medicine, embarked on her journey into ophthalmology marked by excellence from the outset. During her tenure at Duke, she earned the prestigious Dean’s Recognition Award. Additionally, she undertook a clinical research fellowship at the renowned National Institutes of Health. This solidified her commitment to the advancement in the field of research and innovation.  

Following her residency in Ophthalmology at Duke University Medical Center, she pursued further specialization in glaucoma through a fellowship at Duke University Eye Center. Undoubtedly, It was during these formative years of training that she honed her skills in various glaucoma management. Her techniques in trabeculectomy to glaucoma lasers earned her a reputation as a sought-after expert in the field. 

However, it is not just her expertise in glaucoma management that sets Dr. Wallace apart. She is also deeply passionate about cataract surgery and its transformative impact on patients’ lives. “Within the realm of ophthalmology, my passion lies in enhancing vision and improving lives through both cataract surgery and glaucoma management. It is deeply fulfilling to witness the transformative impact these interventions have on my patients’ lives,” says Dr. Wallace. 

Dr. Wallace’s dedication to her patients goes beyond the technical aspects of surgery; she takes the time to educate them about their conditions and treatment options, empowering them to make informed decisions about their eye health. In her own words, “It’s very exciting to me when they’re doing better when I’m able to improve their vision with cataract surgery or with eyeglasses…” 

To hear more about Dr. Wallace and her background watch the following video: 

For Dr. Wallace, the satisfaction of her profession lies in the tangible difference she makes in people’s lives. Whether it is restoring vision through cataract surgery or improving glaucoma control through medications or surgical procedures, she finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the positive outcomes of her interventions.  

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