Demystifying Cataracts with Dr. David J. Sackel


David J. Sackel, MD

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist & Cataract Specialist

In the vast landscape of ophthalmology, where precision meets solicitude, David J. Sackel, MD, stands as a beacon of expertise, specializing in cornea and external diseases, cataracts, and refractive surgery. With a journey paved with academic excellence and a passion for healing, Dr. Sackel has dedicated his career to recompensing vision and restoring lives. 

Born from a lineage of medical excellence, Dr. Sackel’s journey began with an abiding dream to heal. “I have always wanted to be a physician; it has been a lifelong dream for me. My dad is a nephrologist and I have always been interested in the biological sciences,” revealed Dr. Sackel. 

During his time at Duke University, he laid the groundwork for his successful career. He then studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, while earning an MBA from the Wharton School. Additionally, he accepted an internship in internal medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital. Furthermore, completed his ophthalmology residency at New York University and refined his expertise in cornea and refractive surgery at Emory University. This established himself as a leader in the field. 

Dr. Sackel’s remarkable dedication to his patients distinguishes him alongside his impressive credentials. Specializing in various ocular conditions, from cataracts to corneal pathologies like dry eye, ulcers, Fuchs dystrophy, and keratoconus, he offers expert guidance and compassionate care. Known for his precision in cataract surgery and proficiency in corneal transplants, LASIK, and PRK, Dr. Sackel provides comprehensive solutions for vision correction. 

His passion for healing and innate curiosity drives him to continually push the boundaries of innovation in ophthalmology. In his own words, Dr. Sackel shares, “Ophthalmology is one of the few specialties that really provides patients with the full spectrum of eye care and that ranges from preventive medicine to medical and surgical treatment.” 

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For Dr. Sackel, ophthalmology embodies the essence of holistic care, offering patients a spectrum that ranges from preventive medicine to intricate surgical interventions. It is a discipline where science meets art, and every success story is a testament to the transformative power of vision restoration.

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