About Our Medical Website

At Thomas Eye Group, we take pride not only in the quality of the eye care that we provide to our Atlanta-area patients, but also in the quality of the technology we employ both in our facilities and online. This includes how we present ourselves to you, our valued patients, and we strongly believe that the quality of a medical practice is reflected in the quality of its medical website design.

Our Site is Easy to Use, no Matter Where you Are.

To that end, we are proud to utilize the latest cutting-edge web technology to bring you information on our practice as well as ophthalmic procedures in general such as LASIK surgery, cataract treatment and more. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that your experience on our website is seamless, regardless of what device you're viewing it on, whether it be a desktop computer, a table or a mobile phone; this is known as "responsive website design" and is coded specifically to ensure that you're able to view, navigate and interact with our medical website no matter where you are or what device you're using.

Anyone Can Find Us Easily.

Of course, in order to experience our flawless responsive design you have to first find us. We truly believe that we offer the finest ophthalmic services in the Atlanta area and want to ensure that we are easily discovered when potential patients are searching online for services such as LASIK surgery and cataract removal. This is why we employ the nation's premier Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) firm that specializes specifically in medical website design and medical website marketing. Atlanta residents can rest easy knowing that the best eye care in Georgia is only a click away.

We're Always Available When You Need Us.

Our site utilizes the latest cloud-based hosting standards, which means that our uptime is near 100% and there are few to no disruptions in our hosting service. What does this mean to you? Simply that you can find us whenever you need us - both in person and online.

We Keep You Up-To-Date!

There's no better way to get the latest news from the eye care world than a blog, and ours is yet another way me make your visit to our medical website both entertaining and informative. Updated regularly, our medical blog offers fun and educational articles about everything related to our practice, the latest ophthalmic technology and the field of ophthalmology in general.

We Help You Help Yourself.

One of the many technological innovations we employ on our medical website is a custom-designed interactive self-test for both LASIK and cataract surgery candidacy. Due to a number of factors not everyone is eligible for these procedures, but this short interactive self-test, which you can take at any time and at your leisure, will help you figure out whether or not you fall into this category. Furthermore, if it is determined that you are ineligible for the procedure you're seeking, the test will provide valuable feedback as well as possible alternative procedures.

About Our Medical Website