How Refractive Surgeries Can Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Springtime brings renewal and joy for many, but seasonal allergies can cause discomfort like itchy, watery eyes. Thomas Eye Group offers refractive solutions that could revolutionize your spring experience – LASIK, PRK, and EVO ICLAllergies can make outdoor activities less enjoyable and hinder daily tasks. Itchy eyes worsened by pollen and allergens can be especially frustrating when wearing contacts, but these procedures reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. 

How Refractive Surgeries Can Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Our innovative bladeless LASIK procedure uses advanced laser technology for precise results, unlike traditional LASIK with a blade. That same technology is used for the PRK procedure. EVO ICL is an evolution within the ICL itself, as an implantable lens is used to restore vision without the removal of any corneal tissue.

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