Paul Patel, MD: Discovering Clarity in Cataract Surgery

Paul Patel, M.D.

Paul Patel, MD

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist & Cataract Specialist

In the realm of ophthalmology, few medical procedures have such a profound impact on a person’s life as cataract surgery. Paul Patel, MD, who serves our Newnan location is an experienced eye specialist who is highly regarded for his commitment to improving vision. Dr. Patel’s reputation for providing outstanding care has made him a trusted figure in the community. 

With nine years of comprehensive eye care practice in LaGrange, Ga., Dr. Patel brings a wealth of experience to his role as a board-certified specialist in cataract surgery. His journey towards becoming an ophthalmologist began in his home state of Texas, where he earned a degree in biology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Patel then pursued his medical degree and residency at the esteemed University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB), solidifying his foundation in eye care. 

Driven by a passion for both clinical and surgical aspects of medicine, Dr. Patel found himself drawn to the intricate details and innovative technology involved in cataract surgery. His expertise in this field is underscored by his active membership in esteemed organizations such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Georgia Society of Ophthalmology. 

For Dr. Patel, the motivation to excel in his craft goes beyond professional accolades. Reflecting on his own experiences as a patient, he recalls the profound impact a caring physician had on his life during his susceptible years. It was this blend of clinical proficiency and compassionate care that inspired him to pursue a career in medicine. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Patel’s journey to Newnan, Ga., reflects his adventurous spirit. Having lived in diverse locales such as New York and Mexico, he eventually found a sense of belonging in Coweta County. Here, he not only serves as the sole ophthalmologist but also as an integral part of the community. “Being in Newnan as currently the only ophthalmologist in Coweta County, it is fantastic to be able to serve the entire community,” said Dr. Patel. Along with practicing in that area, Dr. Patel also works at the Tyrone Surgical Center where he performs cataract procedures for his patients in the surrounding communities.  

Watch the following video to hear more about Dr. Patel’s background and career journey:  

Today, Dr. Patel finds fulfillment in building meaningful connections with his patients, often seeing them and their families through multiple visits. His commitment to serving the community of Newnan is unwavering, as he continues to provide personalized care and progressive solutions to those seeking clarity and vision restoration. 

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