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Pamela Burnette

Ralph HutchisonFrom the time I walked in the front door until I walked out of surgery, everyone at Thomas Eye Group was so nice and made me feel so comfortable. The only regret I had is that I didn’t do it sooner. If I ever had to have anything done again, I would definitely come to Thomas Eye Group and Dr. Berland. He is just fantastic.

Carolyn Llorente

Ralph HutchisonI have been a patient at Thomas Eye Group for over 30 years. I was a patient of Dr. Thomas for most of those 30+ years and just recently became Dr. Blasberg's patient. I have been very pleased with the expertise of both doctors and would highly recommend Thomas Eye Group.

Patricia Morrison

Patricia MorrisonIn 2007, Dr. Blasberg told me my cataracts needed to be removed. During my surgery, Dr. Blasberg was very reassuring and kept me informed of everything that was happening. I had no fear nor pain. My vision is truly amazing. I nolonger need glasses for reading, driving, or sewing -- just sunglasses when needed. I'm telling you Dr. Blasberg is the best. He is not only smart and caring but is most dedicated to his patients needs.

Carol McEntee

Ralph HutchisonAfter injuring my eyelid in a running accident, Dr. Neufeld worked me into his busy day to evaluate the damage and stitch the tear above the crease in my eyelid. Thanks to Dr. Neufeld's attentive and professional manner, the experience was actually pleasant and the results were excellent.

Ralph Hutchison

Ralph HutchisonThe cataract surgery performed by Dr. Gross has allowed me to continue my career as a research and development consultant. And, my brighter, clearer vision allows me to pass my drivers license test without wearing glasses for the first time in 30 years! Surgery of any type can be disquieting, however, Dr. Gross and his extremely helpful staff made me feel very comfortable about this experience. My thanks to them all!

Molly Beth Ott

Molly Beth OttMy pediatrician recommended Stephen Lipsky, M.D. several years ago because I had an eye muscle imbalance. After muscle surgery, I can now focus all my attention on giving an excellent gymnastic performance! I am 11th in the state of Georgia in vault and have progressed from a Level 5 to a Level 6 gymnast..

Thanks Dr. Lipsky!

Andrea Huff

Andrea HuffMy husband, who is also a physician, and I have been Dr. Newman’s patients for many years. When I decided to have LASIK, Dr. Newman was the ophthalmologist I chose to perform the procedure. It was amazing how quickly the procedure was done, and I was impressed by the expertise of Dr. Newman. I cried tears of joy when I could see so well uncorrected immediately after surgery! Thanks, Dr. Newman, for making a difference in my life!

Abbey Healey

Abbey HealeyMy vision was so bad, I could not see a thing without correction. After many years of problems with my contact lenses, I resorted to wearing glasses. As an actress, I would have to take my glasses off to work. Not good! Dr. Heit performed LASIK on both eyes, and the results have been wonderful! Now I can wake up and not have to try to find my glasses just to see where I am going. I can read all road signs, and I am now able to see the difference between shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

Thank you, Dr. Heit, for making a difference in my life!

Mary Scott

Mary ScottWhen I came to Dr. Kaufman, my vision was extremely poor due to an inflammatory condition that could have led to blindness.

Dr. Kaufman’s patient treatment of my condition has brought vision back into my life. I am so grateful for my improved vision. I’m so happy I can now see the eyes of my husband!

Fernando Vega

Fernando VegaDr. Blasberg has been my ophthalmologist for many years. His care of the health of my eyes and the improved vision I received after cataract surgery means the world to me. When I come to Thomas Eye Group, Dr. Blasberg and his capable staff focus on me and my eye care needs. The personal care given by Dr. Blasberg brings me and my family back to Thomas Eye Group time and time again! In this day and age, finding a professional who still provides personal care truly makes the difference!

Sarah Lebish

Sarah Lebish Our whole family goes to Thomas Eye Group and Pediatric EyeCare for their Eyecare needs! When our daughter, Sarah, was a year and a half, she began to have problems with tearing and discharge in her eyes. Naturally, we chose Jerry Berland, M.D., of Pediatric EyeCare in Woodstock to help Sarah with this tear duct problem. Dr. Berland performed a tear duct probing and irrigation and a lacricath procedure on Sarah, and we have been delighted with her improvement. Thanks, Dr. Berland, for caring for Sarah's eyes! — Faye Lebish

Lee Moore

Lee MooreAs an artist, the ability to distinguish colors and form is crucial to me. My cataracts began to negatively affect my art and every other facet of my life. Dr. Gross performed cataract surgery on my eyes, and I am just thrilled with the results! Cataract surgery was a real eye opener. It brought back light, color, and depth to my art! It has really helped me to overcome a lot of everyday hassles. I can now go to the grocery store and read all the labels! Thank you, Dr. Gross, for making such a wonderful difference in my life!

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