Notice of Network Security Incident

September 23,2021
Thomas Eye Group Website Statement

Notice of Network Security Incident for
Limited Number of Patients

No financial Information believed to be Involved

In July 2021, Thomas Eye Group experienced a security incident with its network during a change of internet service providers.  During this incident, an intruder briefly accessed certain parts of our network containing files that contained personal information for a certain, limited number of patients. This information may include demographic details such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth and email address. It also may include medical information such as diagnosis, insurance carrier, appointment date, patient account number and other data found in medical records. 

 Upon discovery of this incident, we immediately hired cyber security experts who helped terminate this unauthorized access, investigate the incident and help us strengthen our network security.  Based upon this investigation we do not believe that any information was removed from our network, and we have not discovered any evidence that bank account information, credit card numbers or Social Security numbers were involved.  We also have strengthened our security and are reviewing our policies and procedures to determine if any additional steps should be taken. 

If your information was part of this incident, a notification letter or email was sent to the address listed on your patient record. While we do not anticipate that this situation will cause any problems, as a precaution for those patients involved, we’re offering one year of free identity theft protection services through IDX, a data breach and recovery services expert.  These services include 12 months of credit monitoring, monitoring of the “dark web” for personal information and identity restoration services to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.  If you have any questions about this incident or wish to determine whether your information may be involved,  call IDX at 1-833-992-3725. If you received a letter or email about this incident, you also may sign up for these services  by visiting and using the enrollment code listed on your notification letter or email.  Additional steps you may wish to consider include regular reviews of your credit report, a credit freeze, or placing a fraud alert on your credit.

Please know that we have instituted even tighter network security protocols so we can protect your private information in the same way that we care for your eyes. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience as we work to fully resolve this issue. 

Notice of Network Security Incident