LipiFlow® and BlephEx®


The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System is a cutting-edge device that works by implementing a precise application of heat and massaging of both the eyelids from both sides. This has been proven extremely effective for clearing blockages of the Meibomian glands. After the doctor examines the eyes and looks at the LipiScan® images, he will be able to determine if the LipiFlow® treatment is right for you. 

Before the treatment begins, the technician will put a numbing drop in the eyes for comfort. After the drops have had time to set in, the technician will then place the applicators in/over the eyes. (This technique is similar to inserting contact lenses.) Once the applicators are in place and secure, your treatment will begin. The activators send heat into the glands inside your lids using Vector Thermal Pulsation technology. This combination of heat and pressure massages any blockages and liquefies and clears the obstructions in the glands. The LipiFlow treatment will cycle through and the applicators are then removed. You may notice some redness on the lids and eyes and the eyes may feel oily, this is completely normal and does not typically last long. Lastly, you will be seen by the doctor for a brief check. Before leaving the office, the technician will also give you instructions for care between visits and provide you with samples and a Bruder® Heat Mask.

There will be a follow-up appointment in 2 months to see how the eyes are doing post treatment. It may take a few weeks to feel the full effects from the LipiFlow® treatment, but they typically last up to 2 years! 


BlephEx® painlessly cleans the eyelids by removing excess bacteria, biofilm and bacterial toxins. The BlephEx® handpiece has a patented disposable micro-sponge to clean the lids and a new one is used for each eye. This is an in-office treatment done by certified and trained technicians and only takes a few minutes per eye. BlephEx® is recommended every 4-6 months, or as directed by your doctor for your specific needs.

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Please note that the LipiFlow® and BlephEx® treatments are not typically covered by insurance. Contact Thomas Eye Group for more information on pricing and financing options.

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