5 Reasons Why Your Contacts are Driving You Crazy

Friday, November 22, 2019

Have your contact lenses been giving you a hard time? Do you struggle to make it through the day in your contact lenses? If so, there may be a way we can help you be happier with your contact lens wear. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons contact lenses bother people and see what we can do to improve your comfort!

1. Over Wear — Over wearing your contact lenses is the most likely cause for contact lens discomfort. Contact lenses are made for a specific period of time. At the end of that time period, the contact lenses are meant to be thrown out and a new pair put in. Wearing contact lenses longer causes discomfort and dry eyes. When we wear contact lenses longer than that time period, it puts us at higher risk of infection, red eyes, ulcers, and scars.


2. Dry eyes — For people who have dry eyes, it might be necessary to wear certain brands of contact lenses. Dailies are a good option for people with dry eye because you are getting a fresh pair of contact lenses each day. The 2 week or the monthly contacts are worn multiple times, so there is more dryness associated with these contact lenses. There are also certain manufacturers of contact lenses that have elements of their lenses specifically for people with dry eyes.


3. Allergies — Similarly to people who have dryness, some people struggle with allergies and their contact lenses. If you have difficulties with ocular allergies, dailies are a good option. Just as we mentioned, you are not wearing the same contact lens over again, which decreases allergic response. Some people even develop an allergic reaction to a contact lens brand over time.


4. Incorrect fit — If the contact lenses are fitting too tight or too loose, they can also cause discomfort. A contact lens that is too tight doesn’t move around enough on the eye, which decreases oxygen and tear flow to the front surface of the eye. A contact lens that is too loose moves too much on the eye and can feel uncomfortable.


5. Expired CLs — It is always important to check the expiration date of your contact lenses before putting them in your eyes. Expired contact lenses can have rips, tears, or other damages to the contact lenses themselves. The contact lens solution can also change pH after the expiration date which puts you at a higher risk of infections, ulcers, and scars.


If you contact lenses have been bothering you, or you can’t seem to make it to the end of the day in your contact lenses, reach out to your eye doctor or give Thomas Eye Group a call at (678) 892-2020 to discover what can be done to help you!


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