How To Prepare For Cataract Surgery

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How To Prepare For Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the one of most common surgeries that’s performed in the United States. Because of how often it’s performed, most surgeons who perform the procedure have done it many times and can perform it quickly, effectively, and safely. Any surgery can make you a little nervous, but with cataract surgery you have very little to worry about. To make sure your surgery goes smoothly, all you need to do is to prepare correctly, which you can easily do with just a few simple steps.

Talk To Your Doctor About Your Medications

Well before surgery your doctor will probably ask you what medications you take. You may be asked to not take some leading up to your surgery. It’s important to disclose this information so your doctor can make sure you aren’t taking anything that will put you at unnecessary risk during and after surgery.


Take Prescribed Eye Drops

Your doctor will also have you take eye drops leading up to your surgery. These drops will prevent infection after surgery so they are important to take regularly. Make sure you don’t forget to take them and stick to whatever schedule your doctor gives you.


Arrange Transportation

After surgery you may have trouble seeing for a short time, and you may also be on a sedative even though you won’t be under general anesthesia. Because of this, you should not drive after surgery. Make sure on the day of your surgery you have someone who can drive you to and from the surgery center. You shouldn’t drive for at least a day after surgery, so be sure you have whatever you need for the rest of the day at home when you get back from surgery.


Eat Well And Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The night before your surgery, eat a balanced meal and get a full night’s sleep. Going into surgery well rested will help ease your mind and will promote a healthy body that will be able to recover effectively from surgery. 


Wear Comfortable Clothing

When you get dressed on the day of your surgery, pick out clothing that is comfortable. A loose sweater or t-shirt and pants with a stretchy waist may be a good idea. You may not look your best, but it’s important you feel relaxed and comfortable during surgery. If you’re wearing stiff clothing, it’ll be harder to relax— so do yourself a favor and dress for comfort.


Skip Breakfast

Your doctor will likely tell you not to eat six hours before surgery. This means no breakfast as most surgeries are performed in the morning or early afternoon. Eating well the night before can help curb hunger if you’re unused to skipping your morning meal. You should also make sure there’s food at home for you when you come home after your surgery.
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