Why This Is The Summer You Need LASIK

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Maybe you’ve been considering getting LASIK surgery for a while. But, it can seem daunting or overwhelming. Any kind of surgery can be a little nerve wracking, but not only is LASIK a relatively simple and painless procedure, it also can improve your life by giving you perfect, unassisted vision. So why wait any longer? Make this the summer you get LASIK at Thomas Eye Group!

Enjoy The Water

Whether it’s the pool or the beach, swimming is great summertime activity. But if you have glasses or contacts, it can be more worry than its worth. You’ve probably skipped out on swimming before because you couldn’t find a good place to put your glasses, or maybe you lost a contact lens in the ocean and had to go around blind the rest of the day. Worry no more this summer with LASIK. If you have the surgery just as summer is beginning, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself in the water for the rest of it.

Travel Worry-Free

Summer is the perfect time to travel and go on vacation— especially if you have kids who are out on summer break. It can be tiring to keep track of your eyewear and all those extra accessories, but with LASIK, you never have to worry about it again. Not only that, but you’ll be able to see your vacation destination with your new and improved vision. Relax and worry about one less thing when you go on vacation this summer with the family.

See The Sights, See Some Movies!

Without having to worry about glasses, you’ll be able to see everything you couldn’t before. Ever wonder what a 3D summer blockbuster film looks like when you don’t have to layer the special glasses above your own? Want to get the fullest out of the amazing views and clear blue skies of summer? Then now’s the time to finally get LASIK! What are you waiting for?

Be Ready For The Fall 

If you get your LASIK surgery at the beginning of the summer, you’ll be fully healed by the time fall rolls around. Of course you’ll be able to enjoy yourself over the summer as the initial recovery only takes a couple weeks— but after two to three months, the incision made to your cornea will be fully closed and you’ll be ready to enjoy cooler weather and winds without having to worry about getting dust or debris in your eye. And if you have kids or are still in school yourself, you’ll be prepared for a brand new year with a new look to impress along with your perfect vision. Whether you’re helping with homework or doing it yourself, you can say goodbye to glasses and contacts and enjoy using your own two eyes to see what you need.

To learn more about LASIK and find out if it’s right for you, contact Thomas Eye Group today to schedule a consultation today at one of our many locations in Georgia!

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