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Jeffrey A. Carlisle, M.D.


Thomas Eye Group is a full service eye care provider with eight locations in and around the greater Atlanta area providing routine eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, blade-free LASIK, as well as medical, surgical and cosmetic services. We encourage you to watch our videos to hear what several of our patients have to say about their experience with us, meet our doctors, and learn more about Thomas Eye Group.

Jeffrey A. Carlisle, M.D.

Stuart J. Newman, M.D.

Paul Patel, M.D.

John T. Cobb, M.D.

Augustus T. Stephens, M.D.

Kenneth Neufeld, M.D.

Stephen N. Lipsky, M.D., F.A.A.O., F.A.A.P.

Jessica D. McCluskey, M.D.

Leon R. Gross, M.D.

Paul L. Kaufman, M.D.

Jerry E. Berland , M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.P.

Dana J. Wallace, M.D.

Vidya P. Phoenix, M.D.

Sari Gruber, O.D.

Glenda G. Brown, O.D.

Nhora C. Abril, O.D.

Alan Brown, O.D.

Garrick Layman, O.D.

Mindabeth Jacobs, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Lakhvir Singh, O.D.

Jeff Mellom, O.D.

Cataract Surgery

Patient Teri Moore thought she was permanently losing her vision. See how cataract surgery with Dr. Heit in our Roswell Office completely changed her life for the better...

Geneva Hewett

discusses her brow lift procedure and shares her wonderful experience with Dr. Kenneth Neufeld and the staff at Thomas Eye Group.

Soraya Adish

A Thomas Eye Group patient discusses her LASIK Surgery at Thomas Eye Group in Atlanta. For more information on Lasik at Thomas Eye Group, visit


U.S. Army Soldier Marjorie Kindelan-Ray had her LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Jeffrey Carlisle. See the results.

Shirley Schmuhl

Shirley Schmuhl has been a patient at Thomas Eye Group since its original location in Sandy Springs. She describes her experience at Thomas Eye Group in this video.

Bill P.

A Thomas Eye Group patient describes his vision after Multifocal lens implants with Dr. Larry Heit in Roswell, GA. He says, "I now have the same vision as I had as a teenager. I appreciate Thomas Eye Group and Dr. Larry Heit for the great job they did."

Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson has been a patient at Thomas Eye Group for over 30 years. As Thomas Eye Group celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year, Pat sat down to describe her experience with doctors and staff over the years.

Christopher Byron

A Thomas Eye Group patient describes his LASIK experience with Dr. Jeffrey Carlisle at Thomas Eye Group in Sandy Springs.

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy had his cataract surgery performed by Dr. Leon Gross at Thomas Eye Group in Atlanta. He shares his excellent experience in this video.

Thomas Eller

Thomas Eller wears CRT lenses at night to reshape the cornea while he sleeps and then removes them in the morning. The result is a temporary correction of myopia which provides him the freedom from contacts or glasses during the day.

William Gambrell

Dr. Paul Kaufman at Thomas Eye Group determined that patient William Gambrell had a Macular Pucker. Watch as Mr. Gambrell describes his experience with Dr. Kaufman and how pleased he is at the results of the surgery.

Retraction Repair - Thomas Eye Group

Thomas Eye Group patient Oteria Jackson describes her Eyelid Retraction Repair performed by Dr. Kenneth Neufeld and the wonderful results. Dr. Neufeld specializes in surgery around the eyes and upper face, focusing on the intricacies and nuances of the eyelid.

Nancy Flaherty

had LASIK surgery at Thomas Eye Group in Atlanta at the end of 2012. Her experience was so amazing with Dr. Carlisle that she brought her daughter in for a LASIK consultation. Watch her story here.

Barbara Burns

from "Atlanta's Frugal Mom" blog had her LASIK procedure performed by Dr. Jeffrey Carlisle .

Camelia Miron-Camy

shares her courageous story about her daily struggle with vision and how Thomas Eye Group was able to help her.

Charles Ahern Jr.

describes how his cataract surgery with Dr. Leon Gross changed his life in a very positive way.

Angel Banks

describes her wonderful experience with Dr. Larry Heit and the staff at the Thomas Eye Group Roswell Office.

Donella Fiore

had her post-Mohs reconstructive surgery performed by Dr. Kenneth Neufeld. Watch her incredible story here.

Greg Horton

found Dr. Kenneth Neufeld after conducting research about his eyelid situation. Hear about his experience with Dr. Neufeld and the team at Thomas Eye Group.

Joe Beaudoin

describes the phenomenal service and care he experienced during his procedure with Dr. Paul L. Kaufman.

Roy Burke

details his experience with Dr. Paul L. Kaufman and Dr. Robert Blasberg after having cataract surgery and retina surgery performed on both eyes.

Mario Guevara

El paciente Mario Guevara tuvo una experiencia excellente con el Dr. Paul Kaufman.

Sharon Connelly

describes how attentive Dr. Kenneth Neufeld and the team at Thomas Eye Group were following Bilateral Upper & Lower Lid Blepharoplasty & Bilateral Lower Lid Laser Resurfacing.

Mary Hager

was recommended to Dr. Kenneth Neufeld from her ophthalmologist. Watch as she describes her wonderful experience with Dr. Neufeld.

John Sharpe

describes how Dr. Paul Kaufman was able to completely restore his right eye after complications with diabetes.

Pamela Stephens

was referred to Dr. Kenneth Neufeld from her dermatologist because of cancer of the eyelid. In this video, she describes the excellent service that she received from Dr. Neufeld and the team at Thomas Eye Group.

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