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Floaters may appear as small specks or dark shadows. These specks can actually move or float around in the visual field. Most people have some level of floaters and normally do not notice them until they become very obvious. Sometimes floaters can be seen when you stare up at the sky and they may appear as curvy lines or small specks.

This condition actually develops from changes in the back of the eye also known as the vitreous cavity. In typical cases floaters are part of the aging process.


  • Sensitivity to bright lights
  • Specks floating in the central vision

Flashes and Floaters:

In most cases flashes and floaters are caused by age-related changes in the back of the eyes and further changes in the vitreous fluid (gel material). The vitreous fluid gradually becomes more viscous or watery overtime. What happens after the age of 30 or so is that the vitreous might be watery enough to absorb material and is where the floaters can develop. These clumps of material floating inside the eye can cast shadows on the retina and is why people see floating spots.

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Diagnosing Flashes and Floaters:

At Thomas Eye Group in Atlanta, Georgia a very comprehensive eye examination can be conducted to determine if this is a serious issue or a relatively harmless condition. We will use very specialized diagnostic equipment to examine a person's eyes and look for potential issues related to the retina.

Seriousness of Floaters

Floaters can be a serious problem, however; in most cases the problems are not serious. Please consult our eye doctor directly before trying to diagnose the severity of this condition. If you are seeking an Atlanta flashes and floaters eye care physician please complete our website contact form and we can arrange an appointment.

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